How it works...

Thank you for deciding to use one of Alphadimension's web-hosting plans! Once you decide what details you want, remember these details (including additional services) and go to the Sign-up page. On this page, you will need to fill up further contact details and the type of account you need in order to let Alphadimensions proceeds further information to provide you the best services we can.

Even though our package has been made to suit a wide variety of people, Alpha-Dimensions realizes that one package cannot fit all, this is why we provide additional services, such as more disk space, and more traffic and more can be selected in the register form. For some people, these levels of customization may still be inadequate. If this is your case, please email us on and supply us with the required specifications of your website.

Alpha Dimensions should reply to your request within 24 Hours. This reply will be via E-mail. Our highly trained staff shall confirm your personal and account details. At this point in time your account will be activated and you will be issued an invoice. Within 7 days of account activation, payment will be due (as stated on the invoice). Payment can be made via Direct Deposit, Cheque or in Cash via a payment collection locations, or your home or business premises (if it is local).

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